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18.5 inch lcd panel

18.5 inch lcd panel - Assembled Backlights

General Description

This specification applies to the 18.5 inch-wide Color a-Si TFT-LCD Module M185XW01.The display supports the WXGA - 1366(H) x 768(V) screen format and 16.7M colors (RGB 6-bits + Hi-FRC data). All input signals are 1-channel LVDS interface and this module doesn’t contain an inverter board for backlight.

Display Characteristics

The following items are characteristics summary on the table under 25℃ condition:

Screen Diagonal [mm]: 470.1(18.51”)

Active Area [mm]: 409.8 (H) x 230.4 (V)

Pixels H x V: 1366(x3) x 768

Pixel Pitch [um] :300 (per one triad) × 300

Pixel Arrangement:  R.G.B. Vertical Stripe

Display Mode : TN Mode, Normally White

White Luminance ( Center ) [cd/m2 ]: 250 cd/m2(Typ.)

Contrast Ratio : 1000 (Typ.)

Optical Response Time [msec]:  5ms (Typ., on/off)

Nominal Input Voltage VDD [Volt]:  +5.0 V (Typ)

Power Consumption(VDD line + LED line)[Watt]: 

                             VDD line: PDD (typ)= 1.75W, All black pattern at 60Hz

                             LED line : PBLU (typ) = 7.2W

                             Total: 8.95W

Weight [Grams]: 1290(Typ)

Physical Size [mm] : 430.4 (W) x 254.6 (H) Typ. x 9.9 (D) Typ

Interface:  One channel LVDS

Support Color: 16.7M colors (RGB 6-bit + Hi_FRC )

Surface Treatment: Anti-Glare, 3H

Temperature Range: Operating 0 to +50℃

                               Storage (Shipping) -20 to +60℃


TCO6.0 Compliance: Yes

18.5 inch lcd panel testing:

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