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TS121A5B03 12.1 inch 5 wire resistive touch screen

TS121A5B03 12.1 inch 5 wire Resistive Touch Panel

Size: 12.1 inch
Technology: 5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Panel
Model number: TS121A5B03
Touch Point: single Touch
OS Support: Windows, Linux, Andriod
Controller: EETI(default)/ELO touch controller
Interface: USB/ serial port
Touch Method: finger or any other objects with preasure
Certification: CE,FCC, ROHS, ISO9001
Surface coating: Glare/ anti-glare
Transmittance: 88%(approximately)

5 Wire resistive touch screen follows the similar format(4 wire touch panel), also using two layers to determine the precise point of contact. However, only one of these layers contains electrodes. In a typical 5 wire resistive touch screen panel configuration, the bottom layer contains electrodes on each of the four corners. These electrodes are designed to emit a small but noticeable amount of voltage. The other layer, the top layer, is designed to measure the voltage of the bottom layer. When you touch the surface, it presses the two layers together, similar to how the 4-wire resistive setup works; thus, allowing the device to determine when and where the touch occurred(so 5wire touch screen working life is longer than 4 wire touch screen, but the linearity is a bit worse than 4 wire resistive touchscreen).

Resistive touch panel is used in restaurants, factories and hospitals due to its high tolerance for liquids and contaminants. The main benefit of resistive touch technology is its low cost. Additionally, as only sufficient pressure is necessary for the touch to be sensed, they may be used with gloves on, or by using anything rigid as a finger substitute. Disadvantages include the need to press down, and a risk of damage by sharp objects. Resistive touch screen panel also suffer from poorer contrast, due to having additional reflections from the layers of material placed over the screen.

TS121A5B03 12.1 inch 5 wire Resistive Touch Panel 

ObeyTec 5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Panel Specifications 
General Size 8 inches to 22 inches
Fit in with LCD Monitor / Open Frame LCD/ Panel display device 
Size 12.1 inch
Model Number TS121A5B03
Technology 5-Wire Resistive Touch Screen Panel
Input Method Finger or gloved hand (rubber ,cloth or leather)
Active Force Stylus or Finger or Similar ≦40g~110g
Ball Impact ø13.0. Steel Ball/9g, Height=30cm, 1 time, no damage [Impact at center area]
Durability >35 million touches
Positional Accuracy <1.5%
Light Transmission 80%(Meet ASTM D1003)
Clear surface ≦3%
Antiglare Surface ≦4%
Anti-Newton ≦10%
Gloss 90±20 gloss units tested on a hard-coated front surface Accordance with ASTM D 2457
Supply voltage DC USB 5V
Circuit Resistance X:20~250Ω, Y:20~250Ω (See Figure 1)
Linearity X≦1.5%, Y≦1.5%
Response ≦15ms
Insulation ≧20MΩ/25V(DC)
Endurance No acting damage at DC50V/60sec.
Resolution Based on controller resolution of 4096 x 4096
Operation Temperature -10℃ ~ +70℃
Operation Humidity 20%RH ~ 85%RH, no condensing
Storage Temperature                  -40℃ ~ +80℃
Storage Humidity 10%RH ~ 90%RH, no condensing
Waterproof Not damaged by running water applied to the active area
Heat Cycle 70℃ /240 hrs
Cold Cycle -40℃ /240 hrs
Thermal Cycle      -40℃ ~70℃ [60 min./cycle] *10 cycles
Operationg System                                                        
Operation System Linux/ Dos / Windows ME/95/98 / NT4.0/XP/2000/Mac OS 



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